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Workshops & Media

Having attended the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead England, affectionately known as 'Hogwarts', I was asked by the leading tutor Val Williams to please stay in England to do my mediumship there. But I decided instead to return to Australia to continue my Readings for you...

Over many decades I have worked for Spirit in many exciting ways, doing readings and spiritual connections, held Classes and Workshops, travelled to multiple towns and Mind Body Spirit Expo's, worked on television across the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

It was the arrival of Covid19 that caused me to realise I needed to rethink all the psychic work I did, to rest more and concentrate my work purely and only on readings in Orange.

I am proud to have been part of:

Psychic TV Australia and New Zealand

From its first nights on the airways across Australia I have given many phone, email and TV readings for beloved clients across Australia.

It was an exciting, nerve-wracking time being part of a new delivery of spiritual messages across the nation and I was very proud to be part of the PsychicTV network of Psychics and Mediums.

I was the psychic who opened across New Zealand when PsychicTV extended its reach to Aotearoa and It was the proudest moment of my life.

I knew my time had ended on the network because the traveling required to get to the TV studios in Sydney and working till 2am became exhausting, with the arrival of Covid19 being the final confirmation.

In 2015 I hosted my own one hour show across the UK on
How amazing was that. Sadly, due to their strict (but totally understandable) laws on psychic information allowed across the airways, I chose to finish the show after 6 months.

Mind Body Spirit Festivals

I spent many years working at the Festival in Sydney, enjoying the camaraderie of fellow mediums and greeting loyal clients year after year. The buzz and hum of energy was palpable and it was a training ground of experiences all psychics and mediums should experience.


T0 help clients develop and expand their intuition and awareness it has been my pleasure to teach many workshops.
Workshops and classes take an incredible amount of energy to organise and run. At this stage I am no longer teaching classes.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Psychic Workshops
Chakra Workshops
Aura's Beginners and Advanced
Psychic Development Classes for all levels

Personal Training and Development

  • Clairvoyant circles in NZ and Aus
  • Tarot card training
  • Seminars organised by the beautiful Dianne Parker and States of Grace College
  • Arthur Findlay College Stansted UK, affectionately known as Hogwarts
  • Spiritual Retreat in the Amazon Jungle Peru, with hamans and traditional medicines