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These are a series of 8 weekly Podcasts about the life and work of a medium. They give insights into how unreal the reality is, that mediums live and sleep with every day. These podcasts are also informative, produced like the chapters of a book without you having to buy them, for they are FREE. So please follow the links with each podcast or go yourself to LibSyn where they are also available to be downloaded.

1 - In the Beginning

Details the journey of discovery Sara was on as her mediumship opened up. As she traveled from New Zealand to Australia her teachers appeared and the opportunities occurred that propelled her to the position she is in today Includes an interview with singer Lynda Manwaring.

2 - Bridging the Gap

Talks about the difference in our energy as we change from a physical being to a spiritual being. It is how we can feel the energy and by doing an exercise, how we can then know and trust that our loved ones really are beside us. This is a podcast that will empower you to trust your intuition on what you sense, feel and know. .

3 - Signs and Symbols

Discusses the signs and symbols your loved ones use to show you that they are around you. You're not crazy, you really do feel and see these things.

4 - Grief and Loss

Days of celebration like Christmas and birthdays can actually be days of great pain remembering loved ones passed -. This podcast may bring you some ease at these difficult times.

5 - Things that go bump in the night...and fact all the time

This podcast talks about what it is like to be a medium 24 hours of the day, as your loved ones who have passed interrupt Sara's life with messages for you at the next reading.

6 - Hauntings

Hauntings details the fascinating experiences Sara has had visiting homes, to identify the strange feelings and presence of spirits who interrupt the lives of the owners.

7 - Children passed and present

A podcast spoken gently, about the readings Sara has had connecting parents and family with children that have passed.

8 - Ethics and Values, and the lack thereof

An interesting podcast looking at the lack of ethics in the Australian psychic industry and those who try to uphold personal integrity and professionalism in the face of charlatans.