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How Does A Reading Work

How does a reading work?

I am a psychic medium so I connect with my guides and helpers and your family in the spirit world, to bring guidance and messages through for you.

For the period of the reading I hand myself over to my guides and every feeling, sensation, picture, image and thought that comes through to me is connected to you. I feel your health issues on my body, see images of your life or of the one passed as photo’s, movie reels and sensations in my head.

I often start my readings with tarot cards. I find the complexity of the cards gives a very accurate reading especially when dealing with matters of business and finance. The Tarot can give a time line of when events will happen, to within the month and sometimes even to the day. Also when looking at personalities in relationships the Tarot give a very honest appraisal of us.

Real validations come through with names which I am able to discern very accurately – even pets on the other side. Your family in spirit may even wake me up in the middle of the night before you come to me for a reading – that has happened many times. Pushy yes but very clear communication! So when you walk in the door I already know about you.


Spirit are impatient and no matter how many times I ask for an orderly line many spirit jump ahead of the queue and push into an earlier reading. Still so human yet it shows their personality is still the same which is so reassuring to grieving family.

When you come to me for a reading it is not just the loved one you want to contact who is there. Your great aunt, ex father in law or even the friend who passed 10 years before may take the opportunity to say hello – be prepared for anything.