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About Sara King

I never knew I was psychic – strange but true.

My ancestry is Irish and my great grandmother had the gift of second sight so I like to think that that has passed to me but I grew up in a normal happy home in New Zealand where there was no talk of psychic things or anything remotely New Age.

University, marriage, children and regular relocation taught me to rely on my own abilities and to trust my intuition. Without knowing what I was doing I located a home address, to the exact location on the map, 700kms away, even before I had rung a real estate agent.

In Auckland as I sensed and knew things more strongly I found the School of Parapsychology, started classes and never looked back. My teachers have always appeared as I have needed to develop to the next stage.

Over time I have had regular readings and was always told ‘I would do this work’ and ‘everyone would know Sara from over the Mountains’ – but I never believed anyone – I mean aren’t psychic people weird?

Moving to Australia I felt instantly at home. Here I’ve learnt Tarot cards, qualified as a Tai Chi Instructor (the best way to learn about body energy, it’s flow and control), run a meditation group for 11 years and honed my skills.


I ‘came out of the psychic closet’ when I was invited to join a team that did readings at Psychic Fairs, was quickly catapulted to the Mind Body Spirit expo’s, set up my own business and began doing personal and group medium readings.

I now do Psychic Readings for business, career, family and love.

But it is as a Medium that I utilise my full skills – I have the ability to sense and connect with those that have passed, bringing through names, descriptions, feelings of health issues and every day anecdotes that show a loved one is with you.

Psychologists have thanked me for my work as I seem to have a positive impact on those grieving for loved ones passed.

Now as a guest psychic on PsychicTV across Australia and having my own Skype show on live across the UK, I am expanding my skills in a way I never dreamed possible.

So thank you for taking the time to read about me. Should you like a reading then please feel free to contact me.